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  • Title:  Donnie Yen - "Ip Man 3"
  • Description:  IP Man 3 – Donnie Yen, Mike Tyson
    Los Angeles, CA
    Interview by Izumi Hasegawa /
    Q: Donnie, how do you like being more recognizable now in the United States than before, because you are making that transition into the American market?
    Donnie Yen: I think it's always a plus to have more and more people appreciate your film. I mean that's what we, that's our objective, you know, to make a film to share in such a mass target audience. The world is getting smaller and smaller. It's not Chinese or whatever. If a film is done properly, that's the whole objective, that hopefully everybody can appreciate the value of the film itself.
    Q: For Mike, you've been re-immortalized in another video game, you're in UFC 2.
    Mike Tyson: That's pretty [inaudible] [laughs]
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