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  • Title:  Andrew Garfield - "Hacksaw Ridge"
  • Description:  “Hacksaw Ridge” – Mel Gibson, Andrew Garfield
    Los Angeles, CA
    Interview by Izumi Hasegawa / Hollywood News Wire Inc.
    Q: For Andrew, did you have to go the extra mile to capture that character, or just create him from the screenplay?
    Andrew Garfield: I think one of the reasons why the film works on an emotional level is because of the bond that all of the young actors in the barracks created. You could feel the devotion to each other led by Vince (Vaughn, Sargent Howell). Throughout the mockery that there was a thread of every single piss take moment, he was doing it because he loved us. You could feel it through Vince’s spirit and how he created Sargent Howell was contagious through all of the young actors in the barracks. One of the most moving scenes that will cause me to cry uncontrollably every time I see it is after the first assault. (This is) including Mel’s son Milo and they’re in this foxhole and they’re naming names. I think Ghoul (played by Goran D. Kleut) chokes on the name. I can’t even think about it, I just lose my mind. It’s about young boys who love each other and who have no idea what they’re about to face. It’s a real testament to what they’re about to face. Luke (Bracey, played Smitty) and all the young Aussie guys in the barracks’ devotion to each other and the bond of love is there, because otherwise we don’t care. They made us care a lot.
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