Asghar Farhadi -



  • Title:  Asghar Farhadi -
  • Description:  The Salesman – Asghar Farhadi
    Los Angeles, CA
    Interview by Julian Blythe /
    Q: What was the significance of the main characters being actors?
    Asghar Farhadi: They came to the realization of what they did. I thought, “If they are theater actors, it will help me find the part that is missing in my story.” For them to be actors, means that they are individuals who know how to put themselves in the shoes of another and have empathy, and now I think, “These characters’ jobs (are) to put themselves in the place of another, how do they succeed?” This was what completed the story for me. I made the decision that they would be rehearsing a play and that story came together for us.
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