Christian Bale [EXCLUSIVE] - “Hostiles”



  • Title:  Christian Bale [EXCLUSIVE] - “Hostiles”
  • Description:  “Hostiles” - Christian Bale
    Los Angeles, CA
    Interview by Izumi Hasegawa / Hollywood News Wire Inc.
    Q: What attracted you to this project?
    CB: Well, I had worked with Scott Cooper (director) on “Out of The Furnace” and we've had a wonderful time in making that. I liked his style of movie making and we were told right from the get-go, many people said to us, oh, this will be a tough sell. And I always like hearing that there'll be some challenge because it means that you're going to learn something from it. Then it just goes down to an obsession really. You have to spend a number of months working on any film and then there's months of research ahead of that. If you’re not obsessed with it, you can become bored with it quite quickly. This was a story that seemed to have so many layers. It seemed relevant when we were preparing and when we were making it but then it just kept getting more and more relevant with regards to division and the other, and people's hatred and animosity towards each other and what was happening in the world. It is a very American story, but I think it has parallels and will be globally understood in every country around the world. 
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