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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Ralph Fiennes HollywoodNewsWire.net  "The White Countess"  photo
The White Countess
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Oct 17, 2005
Q1: How did you like Brazil?
RF: I was there for a very short time. I'd like to go back. I love Rio and I went down to Parati for a little excursion and I bought some Cashasa, which I loved.

Q2: Could you talk about shooting with the glasses on and so forth?
RF: Yes, we decided to play blind with my eyes open, which is quite hard. Wherever I could encourage myself not to see, but to wear these glasses I got from an eye doctor. They are glasses eye doctors wear to understand the condition. They are quite cheaply made. They have tissue paper stuck to a piece of (?) so when you put them on all you see is fog, or at the most you see a light source. I'd wear them and walk around with them so I'd have to try and find my way around and bump into things.

Q3: What was that experience like?
RF: It was my first time. I think I learned that if that's your condition that you probably develop a whole other muscle in terms of your hearing. It's based on a man I met who was blind, but had ha...

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