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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Tom Arnold HollywoodNewsWire.net  "The Kid & I Press Conference"  photo
The Kid & I Press Conference
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Nov 16, 2005
Tom Arnold & Eric Gores – The Kid and I

Q1: How did you start this project?
TA: Here is the real story. The movie starts with a guy who is thinking about suicide and a couple of years ago I was supposed to be in a movie called Happy Endings, which I was eventually in. I had the role and then I lost it because the studio said they wanted a bigger name and I was a little depressed. I said I would let myself be depressed for one night and then move on. I wondered how depressed I could get? I thought if I ever considered suicide I would have to have no friends and no family because it's not fair to them. I'd have to have no job. I'd have to not owe anybody any money. I'd have to be a really good guy and donate my organs and clothes. Suicide is very narcissistic. I wrote that all down and that became the place my character starts from in this movie. The movie came out and Eric Gores is my next-door neighbor for 8 years and he's always been sweet to me. I was going through a divo...

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