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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Molly Mickler Smith HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Something Borrowed"  photo
Something Borrowed
Interview by: Megumi Torii
Apr 17, 2011
Hilary Swank, Molly Mickler Smith - Something Borrowed
Casa Del Mar Hotel, Santa Monica

Q1: First of all, what did you like most about Emily Giffin's books?
HS: That they're complex and real, and are tied up in a nice bow. They really bring up real life complexities. And they're fun.

Q2: Did you see the task of bringing it to the screen as a challenge, or as a passion project?
MMS: Both. A definite challenge, you say. A kind of romantic comedy. It's about a girl who's cheating. It's a little bit hard. But no, which is why we loved it that much more. We were like, this could be an interesting challenge to develop this into a screenplay and to root for a girl the way you do in a novel, you have the benefit of having all her inner thoughts. We wanted to translate that on screen without voiceover, [which is] a big task.

Q3: Were Kate Hudson and Ginnifer Goodwin your first choices, and why were they so perfect for this?
MMS: Both roles are so tricky; to be able to play the Rach...

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