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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Colin Egglesfield HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Something Borrowed"  photo
Something Borrowed
Interview by: Megumi Torii
Apr 17, 2011
Kate Hudson and Colin Egglesfield - Something Borrowed
Casa Del Mar Hotel, Santa Monica

Q1: Your character's not the most likeable person I've seen on the screen in a while. Were you worried about audiences really hating you?
KH: No not for me. You know why? The reason why I did this movie and why I was interested in her character was because of what goes in the next one and I'd never played a character like that before. So for me that was refreshing. It also lends itself to some good comedy to be the person who says the things that people don't usually get to say and I wasn't too afraid of her being too unlikeable but I do - - especially because in my generation or my friend group and people that I know, I know a lot of girls like Darcy. I feel like there'll be a lot of people who will be able to relate to girls like Darcy. I even had a couple of people already come up to me. One was a man, which was a little funny, who said 'I'm Darcy.' I was like 'Yes, you are! You are like a...

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