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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Jodie Foster HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Edge of Darkness"  photo
The Beaver
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Apr 26, 2011
Jodie Foster – The Beaver
Four Seasons Hotel, Beverly Hills

Q1: Was there any decision upfront about which hand Mel was going to use? He's left-handed, isn't he?
JF: Nope. He's right handed.

Q2: Was that his choice or your choice to have him use the left hand?
JF: That was my choice. He would have loved to have had the puppet on his right hand, but we needed him to do things like open doors or shake hands. We needed him to do a whole bunch of stuff with his right hand, so we needed the puppet to be on his left. Most puppeteers obviously puppet with their dominant hand, so it's hard to do that. Plus in puppeteering you have to separate your thumb from your – you don't go like this, you go like that, which is really painful. After a while, you cramp up.

Q3: What made you go with Mel Gibson for this character?
JF: He's an amazing actor. I loved working with him. Him and Chow Yun Fat are my two favorite actors I've ever worked with. I think everybody feels that way...

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