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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Kenneth Branagh HollywoodNewsWire.net  ""Wallander" Premiere Screening"  photo
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
May 1, 2011
Kenneth Branagh and Kevin Feige - Thor

Q1: Mr. Branagh, when the news was announced that you were directing the film there was some discussion that you felt like perhaps a less likely choice. I'm wondering if during filming you ever felt like a less likely choice to direct your film.
KB: The scale of the undertaking couldn't help but make you feel occasionally that--you know, it was very, very challenging, but that was part of what was attractive. And people sometimes ask me, "Well how did you do it?" And I say, "Have you seen the credits at the end, there's seven minutes of 'em. You see all of those names? That's how I did it." This is how I did it, I'm surrounded--four lads here who were crucial to it. And frankly when you walked on Day One and there are frost giants and there's green screen and there's real mist and rain and there are six principals in their new costumes for the first time and all of that and four camera crews and hundreds of people, frankly these are the kinds ...

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