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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Rachel McAdams HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Morning Glory"  photo
Midnight in Paris
Interview by: Megumi Torii
May 4, 2011
Rachel McAdams – Midnight in Paris
Four Seasons Hotel, Beverly Hills

Q1: Did you have a preconceived idea of what it might be like working with Woody Allen? Was it different from what you thought it would be?
RM: I tried to watch as many of his films as I could – watch them again – and get a sense of the rhythm of a Woody Allen film, but ultimately I realized in the end that it was going to be a unique experience for me, and different from the other films. It was great to get in there with him and realize that he's incredibly funny, incredibly generous, happy to guide you if you want guidance, and happy to leave you alone if you feel confident in what you're doing. [He] creates these really fun, great characters in these wild situations and lets you just go and play. I was just happy to find out that it was going to be a great experience and one that I'll always really cherish.

Q2: Can you talk about your character's dislike for all things Parisian? Do you sha...

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