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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Judi Dench HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Mrs.Henderson Presents"  photo
Mrs.Henderson Presents
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Dec 5, 2005
Q1: Did you know the back-story of this woman?
JD: No, not at all. I knew nothing about her. I only knew about Vivian van Dam and the Windmill and the fact that it was amazingly daring. I didn't know about her at all. It was Bob who was telling me the story really because it was his friends who had just found the programs that instead of saying Vivian van Dam presents they said Mrs. Henderson presents. They followed that path and found this woman. It's worth telling. It was fantastically brave!

Q2: How do you think art is surviving in the modern times?
JD: I would rather go see Brief Encounter than a modern film now where everyone takes their clothes off. I think the suggestion is more exciting than seeing people making love or totally naked, not that I have a word about that because we are all flashing everything in this movie. But I just think the less said, the more attractive, in a way.

Q3: Do you think people are finally okay with nudity as an expression of art?
JD: Well ...

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