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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: William Mapother HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Capitalism: A Love Story"  photo
Another Earth
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Jun 29, 2011
William Mapother – Another Earth
SLS Hotel, Beverly Hills

Q1: I saw the film at Sundance, and have been waiting for everyone else to get to see it. How's the wait been for you for people to discover this film?
WM: Well actually, it hasn't been so painful, because I figured that when it did come out, people would like it. I've been looking forward to it.

Q2: Do you look for the sort of opportunities a film like this grants you? Basically, in almost every scene Brit's not in, and – boy, it's just a lot to play.
WM: It is – I look for challenges, and one of the things that appealed to me about the movie was the fact that I had never played a character who has an arc like this who start off very happy, then he suffers a tragedy, and then the majority of the film is his moving from grief into an acceptance of life and love, and I had never played that before. Playing a character with a big, emotional arc like that requires an additional skill to the one required t...

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