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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Bob Hoskins HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Mrs.Henderson Presents"  photo
Mrs. Henderson Presents
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Dec 5, 2005
Q1: Did you know about this story?
BH: Yeah, the Windmill was always a sort of landmark. It was always something that people talked about. I went there when I was five years old, to see it, with my parents. It was like a family show. There were a lot of comics on and it was a real show. I remember sitting there, with all these nudes thinking 'How beautiful' with all these kids running up and down the aisle. Whole families used to go.

Q2: What wasn't that in the movie?
BH: That all after the war. During the war, it was all soldiers.

Q3: Did they still have the naked women? And wasn't that odd with families there?
BH: It was very very beautiful. It wasn't like today -- as pornographic as they can make it, it seems to make women ugly. That made women very beautiful. It was art.

Q4: Did you used to go a lot?
BH: I used to go to shows, used to go to a lot of shows to see... Every week we'd go to the Finchley Park Empire and I saw all the old comics. It was an education.

Q5: ...

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