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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Li Bingbing HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan"  photo
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Jul 11, 2011
Li Bingbing – Snow Flower and the Secret Fan
The Beverly Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills

Q1: How did you approach playing two characters in two different times?
LB: When I shot this movie, it's really like two movies. It's almost like two stories, but they're related. When I was in the ancient part, I felt the emotions were really strong, and I really loved my role, Lily, and she's really invested all of her emotions to the other girl, and she tried her best to protect their relationship, their emotions. I was so touched by her, and I really, actually invested a lot, and I enjoyed the whole process of playing Lily. It's almost like I was Lily. I prefer, I think, myself, as Lily, no matter when I was in which part.

Q2: Did you shoot the two characters in one day?
LB: No. We only had a few parts shoot in one day, but mostly we shot the ancient parts first. After we finished the ancient parts, we went to Shanghai and we finished all the parts in Shanghai. At the end of the film...

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