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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Johnny Knoxville HollywoodNewsWire.net  "The Ringer"  photo
The Ringer
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Dec 8, 2005
Johnny Knoxville - The Ringer

Q1: It's been a busy year for you... What have you learned?
JK: It's a lot of promotion to have four come out in the same year. Space 'em out a little.

Q2: Are you sick of junkets?
JK: I don't mind junkets so much. Some people complain, but it's part of it. You get free lunches. I don't care. Usually they fly you to New York. Things could be worse.

Q3: Are your testicles insured?
JK: They are insured through Lloyds of London for $7.95. Seven dollars and 95 cents... That's for the pair.

Q4: How do you prepare for that?
JK: There's no pads on Jackass, you know... We took it like sissies.

Q5: You've broken probably every bone in your body...
JK: Hmmm... Nah, I've broken a few bones a number of times. I haven't broken every bone in my body, or came real close to breaking every bone. Burt Reynolds has broken far more bones than I have will. He has a little tape he has -- I haven't seen it actually -- but it's called How I Broke My Ba...

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