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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Christian Bale HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Batman Begins"  photo
New World
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Dec 17, 2005
Christian Bale – New World

Q1: What was your prior knowledge of this era and these characters?
CB: I did the voice for John Smith's sidekick in the animated version. I purposely didn't tell Terry that because I thought it might put him off. I had very vague knowledge of the whole thing. I never really studied it, but along the River Thames is a little plaque about Pocahontas and I asked who she was and was told. I didn't have extensive knowledge and certainly no knowledge of my character beforehand.

Q2: How did Terrence contact you?
CB: I was down in Chile and received an e-mail asking that if I was back in time if I could read through a script that he was writing. It wasn't an audition, but they just like to hear actors read their lines and see if it sounds good or whatnot. I loved the idea of meeting him because he's such a mysterious figure. I had this image of a rough, cowboy, Texan looking guy. I met him and we did some reading and chatted. I didn't hear from him for...

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