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Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Jan 9, 2006
Bryce Dallas Howard – Mandarley

Q1: What are the challenges and advantages to doing a film on a sparsely decorated soundstage?
BDH: I really looked at it as an advantage because it gave me an opportunity to flex my imagination muscles, which is my primary instrument and it was almost like playtime with all of us just running around and creating things and throwing things out there. It was really fun. It leaded in a way to the work we were doing and we really allowed ourselves to stretch in a way we couldn't do in a conventional setting.

Q2: How did he give you direction?
BDH: It was a very unique situation. He shoots on DV so he has up to an hour of film before he needs to cut and he uses that almost every single time. We'll arrive on set and there is no rehearsal whatsoever and we aren't even allowed to ask questions. He'll just start shooting. He clears the set so it's just him holding the camera and the focus puller and the actors and everyone else is gone so there i...

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