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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Chris Evans HollywoodNewsWire.net  "What
What's Your Number?
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Sep 17, 2011
Anna Faris and Chris Evans - What's Your Number?
Shutters On The Beach, Santa Monica

Q1: Has either one of you ever looked up an ex on the Internet or done a little searching and tried to find them? How far do you go? Did you actually drive by their house or anything?
CE: I've done a little digging.
AF: Sure. Sure.
CE: I've done my share of digging. But Facebook makes all of that stuff real easy!

Q2: But they never knew you were looking for them, huh?
CE: Oh no -- I succeeded and found them and made contact. And now we are good friends.
AF: I had my college ex-boyfriend's class schedule memorized.
CE: That's normal, right?
AF: Yeah! So I would "accidentally" bump into him all the time.
CE: That's awesome!
AF: It was mortifying! But he tried to reach out to me like six months ago, so at least I feel like, "Alright - I came out on top!"
CE: You win! You win on that one.

Q3: So you do keep in touch with exes?
AF: No, no -- I try not to! I only have like two.

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