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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Roger Donaldson HollywoodNewsWire.net  "The World
The World's Fastest Indian
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Jan 9, 2006
The World's Fastest Indian

Q1: Can you talk about your sources for this character?
RD: This movie encapsulates my whole film career. It started out as a documentary I did in the beginning and it was one of the first films I made. I made a documentary about the real guy this film is inspired by. It was one of my first trips to America and I came with my co-filmmaker Burt Monroe. We went to Bonneville and followed along behind him, or tried to, and made this naïve mini-documentary on him, mostly on a hand-wind Bolex (?). Then years later I finish up and I'm making feature films. I never thought I would do that. It was never even an ambition, let alone a reality. But when I did start making films I remembered Burt and he was this extraordinary character and it was this link between making this film about where I came from, New Zealand, which is very different from America, and then my experience with coming to America, which is a Mecca for people come and do something that you c...

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