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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Stephen Moyer HollywoodNewsWire.net  ""True Blood" Season 3 Premiere"  photo
The Double
Interview by: Stacey Borage
Oct 25, 2011
Stephen Moyer - The Double
Avalon Hotel, Beverly Hills

Q1: Did you know the actual history between Brutus and Cassius going into this particular movie?
SM: Are we talking Shakespearian-wise? Yes.

Q2: What intrigued you about the character of Brutus?
SM: Well, he's a really well-read character. It's a lot of fun. As an actor, you're always looking for stuff that takes you outside of your comfort zone. And Brutus is quite dark and he sees an opening. I kind of played with an idea that he'd been in solitary confinement for, let's say, 10 of those 15 years. So when someone comes and there's an opportunity for him (my character) to use his skills, it was a lot of fun and really well-written and a nice sort of impactful character that I knew I was going to enjoy. Any possibilities to choose the scenery and I will.

But I always liked playing with accents. I just came off from a job where I was using my own accent and I haven't done it for years. I called my wife and she said,...

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