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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Dolores Chaplin, Carmen Chaplin HollywoodNewsWire.net  "The Artist"  photo
The Artist
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Nov 22, 2011
Dolores Chaplin and Carmen Chaplin – The Artist
ID-PR Office, Hollywood

Q1: So at what age did your grandfather passed away?
CC&DC: Very little.

Q2: Like were you two-months-old? How old were you?
DC: Around that. (Laughs)
CC: Very small—
DC: --Too small.

Q3: Do you remember?
CC: No, not really any memories. There (are) no stories to say, we didn't have any long conversations or have relations.

Q4: Do you have any pictures?
CC&DC: Yes.

Q5: Do you have any pictures where he was holding you as a baby?
DC: Holding? You know, he was very old and he wasn't very well before he died, so I don't think he could really hold a baby. But we have pictures around him, family pictures--
CC: --Christmas and things like that, yes.

Q6: So if you're older, do you remember a little bit more than her?
CC: Not really, we have family pictures but no strong memories.

Q7: But you're father told some stories about him, right?
CC: Yes.

Q8: What kind of stories?

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