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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Sonny Chiba HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Singafest Asian Film Festival Arrivals"  photo
Sonny Chiba exclusive Interview: Sonny Chiba honored, and his dream goes on
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Oct 1, 2011
On October 1st, at the Bigfoot Crest Theater near UCLA, Sonny Chiba received the Singafest Asian Movie Lifetime Achievement Award. On that day, Japanese actress Juri Manase, his daughter, and Tony Todd from the "Final Destination" series were there to celebrate his honorable day. This January, he had his 72nd birthday and the year before, his acting career reached its 50th anniversary. However, after the ceremony, he demonstrated his beautiful sword technique with his daughter and proved everyone that hefs still got it. Then he talked about his project that he had kept to himself all these years, and his passion for the movie.

Q1: Youfve been active as an actor for 50 years. You probably have nothing left to do don't you?
SC: Of course I do! What I am thinking right now is to create a movie that describes Japanese culture in here in Hollywood, I've been dreaming of introducing Japanese culture through movies, and I have no plan to retire until then.

Q2: What part of Japanese...

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