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Date Movie
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Feb 3, 2006
Alyson Hannigan – Date Movie Feb. 3 2006 at Four seasons hotel

Q1: How was fat suit and did you go anywhere in it off the set?
AH: It was incredibly hot. It was definitely an interesting sort of experience. As soon as they told me I could get out of it, I was out of it. Actually, one of the first two days of filming -- I was in the suit for two days -- base camp was actually rather close to the actual restaurant, so I walked to the restaurant. It was interesting. It was actually -- people were like they didn't look at me. They were kind of rude. Everybody on set was really sweet the first two days I was in the suit. And the third day I was back to normal and people were coming up to me and introducing themselves. I'm like, "Dude, I had lunch with you yesterday. What are you talking about?" Yeah, so obviously the crew members hadn't read the script and everything. It was definitely interesting.

Q2: You got a taste of what it was really like.
AH: Yeah, and just trying ...

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