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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: John Densmore HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Re:Generation Music Project"  photo
Re:Generation Music Project
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Feb 9, 2012
John Densmore - Re:Generation Music Project
Juniper Hotel, Hollywood
Interview by Izumi Hasegawa

Q1: What do you think has changed the most in the music industry from when you started?
JD: Electronics, although there was electronic classical music in the fifties with Stock-House. This re-generation is combining electronics and musicians. Which I think is quite cool. It brings the human into the techno and you get the best of both.

Q2: Is the internet friend or foe?
JD: The internet is visual as well. The ability to reach zillions is fantastic. The difficulty is getting attention. How many videos are on Youtube? You know, so how do you get noticed? In the old days you were playing in a club, three bands in one night, sometimes you got paid sometimes you didn't. It's the same. The struggle is the same. It's electronic, but it's always a struggle. To be an artist is to be rejected. But then you just keep going.

Q3: Do you think The Doors would have broken in toda...

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