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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Elizabeth Olsen HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Godzilla"  photo
Silent House
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Feb 28, 2012
Elizabeth Olsen - Silent House
Four Seasons Hotel, Beverly Hills
Interview by Izumi Hasegawa

EO: How are you guys? I really like roundtables. Especially after doing four hours of television, this is so much better.
Q: What's better about it?
EO: You get to just have a normal conversation. You don't have to be there and be really nervous about also saying something about the ending, dancing around certain things. You can actually just have an honest conversation without knowing that something will be given away because no one wants to do that.

Q1: What was harder, remembering dialogue for long takes or hitting all the marks involved?
EO: If you're an actor, just know your lines so you can't ever say that that's hard. It was difficult to go through a scene so many times and record it 100% and what would happen is we'd have an 11 or 12 minute take and something would go wrong at like 10 minutes and made every single thing you did completely unusable. So that was the ...

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