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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Sarah Paxton HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Noche de Ninos - Childrens Hospital Los Angeles Gala"  photo
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Feb 19, 2006
Sara Paxton – Aquamarine

Q1: Did you girls ever sing together for fun?
SP: Well, for fun, we were just like kidding around. Like not for real singing, but we would make up raps and stuff. We were constantly just joking around nonstop. They would tell us to be quiet sometimes.

Q2: How was it with all three of you together?
SP: Oh yeah, me and Emma live literally five minutes away from each other and JoJo lives in New Jersey I think, somewhere on the east coast but she comes over to visit all the time. We constantly keep in touch. We help each other with guy problems and stuff like that and we've just really been keeping in touch. And on set, we hung out nonstop because when we were living in the same apartment complex, we worked together every day for three months and it's a good thing that we all got along so well because we literally were seeing each other every second of the day so it was a really good thing we were really close.

Q3: What was it like being a mermaid?...

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