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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Vinessa Shaw HollywoodNewsWire.net  "The Hills Have Eyes"  photo
The Hills Have Eyes
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Mar 7, 2006
Vinessa Shaw and Dan Byrd - The Hills Have Eyes

Q1: Is this the type of movie you'd see? There must be a difference in seeing a movie as opposed to doing a movie...
VS: It's true, it's very different. I would never see this movie because I'm frightened of horror movies. Ever since I was a kid, my friends who always wanted to see them would mortify me by showing me clips from a movie and I would have to run in the other room, call my parents, and go home, that kind of thing. And especially Nightmare on Elm Street movies. (Sorry, Wes!) The idea of anything that was not related to reality would scare me more. You know, movies like The Shining I would be able to see more easily. I don't know, I'm odd that way. But things that could just possibly come out of nowhere...Crazy, fabricated monster...No way.

Q2: So what made you want to do a horror film?
VS: [laughs] Well, I guess I could be good in it since I'm so frightened of those kinds of concepts. But with this one in particular, r...

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