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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Jason Reitman HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Thank You For Smoking"  photo
Thank You for Smoking
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Mar 15, 2006
Thank You for Smoking

Q1: Could you say what the film is about?
JR: Well, I'll give you my rehearsed line. "Thank You For Smoking follows Nick Naylor, the head lobbyist for Big Tobacco as he spins his way across the country representing cigarettes as he meets various characters from Rob Lowe playing a Hollywood super agent to Sam Elliott as the Marlboro Man and Robert Duvall as a tobacco baron, at the same time, becoming a father for the first time to his 12-year-old son. It's a charming film, you should bring the whole family." [laughs]

Q2: Why isn't Aaron here?
JR: Aaron's in New York shooting a film with Catherine Zeta-Jones. He's making an American remake of Mostly Martha that Scott Hicks is directing.

Q3: And that's more important than coming here?
JR: You know what? To be honest, Aaron is a really serious actor. And I know you're joking, but he actuallyc When he's shooting, he's shooting. I remember that when it came to this film, I could not rehearse with him until...

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