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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Byung-hun Lee HollywoodNewsWire.net  "The Look East Korean Film Festival 2012 Opening Ceremony Arrival"  photo
The Look East Korean Film Festival 2012 "A Bittersweet Life"
Interview by: Hanako Sato
Jun 23, 2012
Lee Byung-Hun – The Look East Korean Film Festival 2012 "A Bittersweet Life"
Los Angeles, CA
Interviewed by Hanako Sato

Q1: In "A Bittersweet Life," you have this character who is so closed off emotionally. This is very impassive and cold performance. What kind of direction did you get for your character?
BL: This is a very detailed movie about a person's emotion. So, some sense of feminine side to the character the director tried displaying. It's a very psychologically involved role that I had, but I got a lot of help and assistance from director Kim. If I'm not sure about how I should express some emotion and act in a certain scene, director Kim would give me some acting lessons and help me to get better understanding about the role. If that's not what I was thinking that I was gonna do, then I would just combine what the director was showing and explain to me with my own thought and idea to be combined. It came out with what a great display of the character. ...

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