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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Anders Holm HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Workaholics Comic-Con Press Event"  photo
Interview by: Tiffany Le
Jul 12, 2012
Anders Holm, Adam DeVine – Workaholics
Hilton Bayfront Hotel, San Diego Comic-Con 2012
Interviewed By Tiffany Le

Q1: Has there ever been any ideas that were too outrageous to make it to air?
AD: No. We use every idea.
AH: We're out. We've run out.
AD: No, we had an idea, they[Blake and Kyle] might have told you, it was, we're trying to make an invention to sell to work, we were having a contest, whoever wins gets to sell it over the phone and make a ton of money, so we're like, what is the worst thing you could do as an American? And we're like, that's to burn an American flag, so we're going to make unburnable American flags, and through the research and development process, we burned like a 100 American flags, and then burned the offices in the process, and then the only thing left is the unburnt American flag, but we thought it burnt in the process.
AH: Flame retardant. They didn't love the idea of burning our own flags. Well, this was right after "South Pa...

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