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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Haley Joel Osment HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Making Magic Happen:The 3rd Annual Los Angeles Gala for the Christopher and
Sassy Pants
Interview by: Hanako Sato
Jul 14, 2012
Haley Joel Osment, Coley Sohn and Pavlina Hatoupis - Sassy Pants
Directors Guild of America, Los Angeles
Interviewed by Hanako Sato

Q1: Could you tell us about the relationship with your mother?
CS: I come from a dysfunctional family, not like this though. This is based on someone that I know who is not home schooled, but has this kind of an oppressive mother. I have more controlling Jewish mother, but I know like letting go is not an easy thing for them.

Q2: Ashley Rickards, who played the main character in this movie, seems to be a very talented young actress. Could you tell us about the background like how you found her?
CS: Sure. She is amazing. She was supposed to be here tonight, but she is sick. She is Ashley Rickards who is a star of MTV's show, "Awkward." I would pass this question to Pavlina because she produced the movie called "Fly Away," and she played...(passed the microphone to Hatoupis)
PH: Yeah, we first met Ashley when we did this movie called "F...

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