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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Antonio Banderas HollywoodNewsWire.net  "The Legend of Zorro"  photo
Take the Lead
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Mar 25, 2006
Antonio Banderas - Take the Lead

Q1: How good a dancer are you in your estimation?
AB: Bad, I'm not a good dancer. I'm not even a dancer. I'm just an actor who pretends to dance and that's all. Because I'm not a swordfighter either. Or a horse rider or any of those things that I have done in my life that has to do with the physicality. I think I am good moving. I think I am good learning choreography. But, it's just pretending in film. If I go to a place to do In fact in rehearsal I can do it. In fact, I did it on Broadway which I did every night for 238 performances and I didn't drop her off and I got my eyes blindfolded too. (Laughs.) But, I am not a dancer and that's the truth.

Q2: How long have you been dancing though?
AB: Just since I had to do it in a movie for the first time which I think was 'Mambo kings' and after I did 'Evita' with Madonna and I did another movie in Spain called 'The Court of the Pharaoh' many years ago and I danced too. But as I told ...

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