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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Thora Birch, Petunia HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Petunia"  photo
Interview by: Hanako Sato
Jul 14, 2012
With a cynical sense of humor, the film raises questions about the meaning of love, sex, and marital relationships. The story centers around the Petunia family. Despite their lovely last name, the family is quite dysfunctional and consists of quirky characters. Charlie (Tobias Segal) is the youngest son who is single, gay, and overly sensitive. He often snaps a rubber band on his wrist to control his sentimental urge. His older brother, Michael (Eddie Kaye Thomas) is newly married but feels uneasy with his unfaithful wife (Thora Birch). Another brother, Adrian (Jimmy Heck) is a sex addict, and his love affair causes a great scandal. Their pothead therapist mother (Christine Lahti) throws dishes as an experiment of her "destructive therapy" and tries to cope in her sexless marriage. When Charlie falls in love with an attractive neighbor, George (Michael Urie), he unknowingly gets involved in an intricate web of destinies. The issues of the entire family grow complicated and somehow inte...

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