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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Struck By Lightning HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Outfest 2012"  photo
Struck By Lightning
Interview by: Hanako Sato
Jul 22, 2012
As the title itself suggests, the movie starts with the most shocking scene that the main character is struck by lightning and dies. This story is a black comedy about a high school outsider named Carson (Chris Colfer). He is unstoppably ambitious to make his dream come true and sets multiple goals for his future career. He wants to be an editor of the New Yorker, win the Nobel Peace Prize and Pulitzer Prize for journalism. As the first step to his successful future, he has to get accepted into Northwestern University. According to his unreliable career counselor (Angela Kinsey), publishing a literally magazine would be his only path to the prestigious university. However, he has nobody to contribute an article for the magazine. He comes up with a brilliant idea. By gathering scandals of his classmates, he and his only friend, Malerie (Rebel Wilson) blackmail them into contributing to his project. The closeted gay couple, the snobbish cheerleader, the school jock, the gothic girl, and ...

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