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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: David Zucker HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Scary Movie 3"  photo
Scary Movie 4
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Apr 1, 2006
David Zucker – Scary Movie 4

Q1:Which was the better experience as a filmmaker, Scary Movie 3 or 4?
DZ: 4 was harder because we had only nine months to do it from conception, first page of writing to release was nine months. It's impossible. I've negotiated for my next deal to have merely an unreasonable schedule. [laughs] We're going to negotiate to have a year to do it. That would be like a luxury. We worked weekends, nights,
just ...it was...mainly because one of the big requirements is to have the main movies that we do, we use two main movies. For Scary 3, there was Signs and The Ring. And for this one, we were all set to do Ring 2, but Ring 2 was not accepted by the audience, so we couldn't hang our whole thing...It was just quickly forgotten, in part, maybe because of Scary Movie 3 [laughs]. eCause we did that, the scary little girl. So then we had to wait for War of the Worlds. But the release date was already set. They wanted this April 14. So we all agreed, hey, ...

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