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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Silver Linings Playbook HollywoodNewsWire.net  "2012 AFI Fest"  photo
Review: Silver Linings Playbook
Interview by: Tiffany Le
Nov 8, 2012
Director: David O. Russell
Starring: Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence
Screened at 2012 AFI Fest

David O. Russell's latest film focuses on former educator Pat Solitano Jr. (Bradley Cooper), who grapples with bipolar disorder and a crumbled marriage that he refuses to acknowledge has failed. Opposite him is Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence), a widow who works out her depression through sex and emotional outbursts. When the pair is set up at an extremely awkward dinner, they eventually bond through their respective disconnections from the world.

After a violent altercation between himself and his ex-wife's lover, Pat is confined to a mental hospital for eight months. Upon release, he initially plans to reunite with his ex-wife Nikki, who now holds a restraining order against him. However, his sessions at the mental hospital have trained him to stay positive, causing him to misguidedly believe if he can just talk to Nikki, everything will return to normal. Meanwhile, Pat is resigned to ...

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