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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Anne Fletcher HollywoodNewsWire.net  "The Guilt Trip"  photo
The Guilt Trip
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Dec 11, 2012
Barbra Streisand, Seth Rogen, Anne Fletcher, Dan Fogelman - The Guilt Trip
Four Seasons Hotel, Beverly Hills
Interviewed by Izumi Hasegawa

Q1: For Barbra and Seth, I loved your chemistry. What was it like meeting each other for the first time?
Barbra Streisand: Seth, it turns out, sussed me out.
Seth Rogen: I did.
Streisand: So he called people from The Focker movies. Right?
Rogen: I sussed.
Streisand: You could tell them.
Rogen: I was actually working with John Schwartzman who was the cinematographer on "Meet the Fockers" around the time this came up, and I think I asked him what he thought of Barbra and he said she was great. I know Jay Roach a little, so I think I might have asked him, and I think he said she was awesome, too.
Streisand: Ben Stiller you called.
Rogen: Yeah. Ben Stiller I think I might have run into and asked. She checked out with everyone. This Barbra Streisand lady checked out, so I thought I'd give her a shot. (Laughs)

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