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Peaceful Warrior
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
May 15, 2006
Q1: Have you seen Over The Hedge yet?
NN: Yes, I saw it the other day.

Q2: How did you find your inner bear?
NN: It was good. Jeffrey wanted a much more vicious, cruel inner bear, but I wanted a very peaceful bear that just liked to eat raccoons. We argued a bit about it. Jeffrey tricked me one day. He got me talking without me realizing he was listening and he said that was exactly what he wanted it to be.

Q3: Was it fun?
NN: Yes, it was great fun.

Q4: Did you almost get to play Dan in this years ago?
NN: Years ago, when the book first came out, there were a lot of people that wanted to do it. They would hand me the book The Peaceful Warrior, and I had read it and I thought it was very good, but I felt it was too close to the 60s and we had pretty much already done that. Eastern thought had been introduced to the US and the Maharaji came and all those guys during the 60s. It didn't pan out though. Wars were supposed to be brought to the public's attention and have pub...

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