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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Meryl Streep HollywoodNewsWire.net  "A Prairie Home Companion Press Conference"  photo
A Prairie Home Companion
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Jun 1, 2006

Q1: How do these ladies compare to the people you usually perform with?
GK: I usually don't work with other people. I do the whole show myself. It's an amazing tour de force. They were perfect and they were part of this picture before this screenplay was written. I think Meryl signed onto it somewhere around the second draft when it was still kind of a crappy piece of work.
MS: I don't agree.
GK: And then Lily came on soon after. So I had these two people in mind as I was writing these characters. It was just an amazing gift to writer to have actors in mind -- these two actors I should say.

Q2: How many drafts did you got through? How long did it take.
GK: Well, I write on a laptop, so it's impossible to count drafts anymore. It was many hundreds, not worth talking about.
MS: That's interesting though, do you not keep the previous things?
GK: There are no previous things.
MS: Do you hit delete every time?
GK: You just keep ch...

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