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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Matthew Lillard HollywoodNewsWire.net  "The Groomsmen"  photo
The Groomsmen
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Jul 10, 2006
Q1: You had a great dramatic scene when you are talking to Ed about being a dad. Was any of that scenes improvised?
ML: The only thing that was improvised in that scene is when I said 'you have one kid, you're life's all right. You have two kids, it's over Joe Joe'. It was funny because he'd actually just had a second kid and he called me up and said 'you know that line? That was a good line'. A funny story about that scene, actually is I had just arrived in New York and I'd never met Eddie face to face. We'd talked on the phone so I showed up and went to get my wardrobe fitting and went to the set to say 'hi' and he was like 'hey, you're here'. I was like 'yeah. I was getting fitted'. He's like 'you know, we're kind of ahead by forty-five minutes, you want to try to grab that scene?' I was like 'you know, it's the emotional lynchpin of my entire character and I just got off the plane but, yeah, if you want to. I'm great, let's go'. I work with an acting coach before every mo...

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