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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Kami Garcia no image available
Beautiful Creatures
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Feb 1, 2013
Kami Garcia, Margaret Stohl - Beautiful Creatures
SLS Hotel, Beverly Hills
Interviewed by izumi Hasegawa

Q1: Can you talk about the inception of the idea for the series?
KG: I was a teacher for 17 years. I taught Margaret's daughters in third grade which is when I first met her. Then when they were older in middle school, I was teaching fantasy book groups. We're big fantasy nerds. We were reading kind of the same books they were. Margie wrote video games, and I started talking to her about the conversations that we were having in book group because she wished she could join.
MS: But also because we read young adult fantasy for fun. We are like 60 percent of our readership who are adults.
KG: And we did before we wrote the books. So I was telling her that they loved "Twilight." They loved all these books. But now they're sick of vampires. We have a lot of very strong girls and they kept complaining, "Why does the boy always have to be the powerful one and the supern...

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