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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Robin Williams HollywoodNewsWire.net  "RV"  photo
The Night Listener
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Jun 25, 2006
Robin Williams - The Night Listener

Q1: What would you like your work to say about you?
RW: My work to say about me? That I'm a human being. That helps, you know. With a slight intelligence, that would be good. A functioning intelligence, that would be good too.

Q2: Is there like a switch you flip to be funny or to be serious?
RW: Yes. No, I think it's a choice. It is a conscious choice, yeah. I can turn it off or on according to need or according to inspiration. If someone says something it seems like a nice opportunity, as in Donna. "I will go that way. I will attempt to find the comedy in a Spanish maid suddenly going: eI'm kidding, mister. It's me! I'm back!'" Yeah, there'll be moments, and other times when you realize, no, we can talk straight if you want.

Q3You know anyone talking about all the famous people that this character or this woman...
RW: She duped many of them. And a lot of them won't talk about it, you know, and he will.

Q4: Have you ever had anything...

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