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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Rooney Mara HollywoodNewsWire.net  "A Nightmare on Elm Street"  photo
Aint Them Bodies Saints
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Jun 14, 2013
Rooney Mara - Ain't Them Bodies Saints
Four Seasons Hotel, Los Angeles
Interviewed by izumi Hasegawa

Q1: What made you want to be part of this movie?
RM: I love small films. I saw David's (Lowery, director) short "Pioneer" first before I even read the script and I just thought it was so odd and compelling and just different than anything I had seen. So I knew already that he definitely had a special voice, because the way that was written was really different than anything I'd heard. So then when I read the script, the same was true for the script. It was very poetic and very musical. I think David has a very musical ear for his writing. It has a certain flow to it. Then I met him and I just had a feeling about him that he was a really special director. I loved the characters. I loved the world that it took place in and I loved the relationship between Bob and Ruth.

Q2: How did you prepare mentally to play this mom who wants the best for her daughter?
RM: David ...

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