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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: David Lowery no image available
Aint Them Bodies Saints
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Jun 14, 2013
David Lowery - Ain't Them Bodies Saints
Four Seasons Hotel, Beverly Hills
Interviewed by izumi Hasegawa

Q1: Biggest challenge in making movie?
DL: I think the biggest challenge in making this film was making the jump from making very, very small films to doing something that was slightly larger. And this is still a very tiny movie by most standards, but we spent $12,000 on my last feature. I was ready to make this film with as little or as much as I could and I never really have thought about film production in terms of trying to get a big budget or anything; I just want to make films and make them however I can, with the means available to me. On this film, I certainly had more than I've had in the past, but with that comes certain consideration, mainly time, and realizing that when you hit the last day of shooting, that's the end; you have to make sure you get everything. So that was a challenge just to figure out how to get everything that I wanted, because ...

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