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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Alexander Payne HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Nebraska"  photo
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Nov 11, 2013
Alexander Payne - Nebraska
Four Seasons Hotel, Beverly Hills
Interviewed by Izumi Hasegawa

Q1: Your cast has a lovely, sometimes dysfunctional rapport. How do you go about creating that? Do you have lots of rehearsals or is it spontaneous?
AP: Itfs somewhere in between. I donft have the tradition of rehearsing very much and most movies donft. Some directors really rehearse the hell out of things but I donft come from that background necessarily. Also, Ifve never had the budgets to bring actors to location for their hotel and per diem much in advance of shooting. But the good thing in movies is you only have about two pages a day to do. They only have to get it some version of right once in every set up and we edit it. I think casting -- itfs hard to say really, a really obvious answer but casting, casting, casting. The oldest cliché is the truest: Ninety percent of directing is casting. For this one where we -- and by we I mean the casting director and I --...

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