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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Elizabeth Olsen HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Godzilla"  photo
Interview by: Hollywood News Wire Inc.
May 4, 2014
Elizabeth Olsen - Godzilla
Interviewed by HollywoodNewsWire.net

Q1: How much changed from when you got the project to whatfs on screen? And how did your character change?
EO: When I met Gareth (Edwards, director) for the first time, I think they were still playing around with the script really. So he showed me the Comic-Con teaser from two years ago with the Oppenheimer quote, and that is the voice-over about gIfve created a monster, so much death.h And that was the thing that like really first drew me in to this idea of making a Godzilla film. I didnft quite understand what Godzilla actually represented in the original Japanese version. So just that large concept and then him trying to explain to me that, gWe want to have this rooted family that basically the whole point is to get them back together at the end,h but they hadnft quite figured it out. Aaron (Taylor-Johnson) and I were signed on to it and we would talk to Gareth about it through different drafts....

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