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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Matt Dillon HollywoodNewsWire.net  "9th Annual Hollywood Film Festival Awards Gala Ceremony"  photo
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Aug 14, 2006
Matt Dillon - Factotum

Q1: How did you discover this role? Did you approach somebody?
MD: No, they approached me. I was really surprised, when they approached me because I'm obviously not the Bukowski type physically. I think you always... The first reaction is that any character in a Bukowski novel is Charles Bukowski, and I think that to a great extent that's true. So when they approached me about doing it, my first reaction was like, 'I'm not the right guy for this and obviously me as Matt Dillon, I'm not the right person to play. I mean, as myself, I'd have to really kind of get into this and try to create a different thing. And I thought that I was not going to do a Charles Bukowski impersonation if I did it. And I think the freedom was that in me taking on the role was that it was the alter ego of Bukowski, Henry Chinaski, which gave me some latitude to work with.
One of the things that I remembered was that when I read Bukowski in my early twenties, before I'd ever heard...

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