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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: James Franco HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Annapolis"  photo
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Sep 20, 2006
James Franco -Flyboys

Q1: James, you wanted to learn how to be a pilot from doing this?
JF: Well, I become kind of obsessive about research, I think part of it's just filling time. I signed onto this at least four months in advance, and Tony is a big pilot and he took me up, he had some of his friends take me up in a Steerman out in this great little airport called Santa Paula, which I guess was a World War II base. And they have these great old planes, mostly from World War II, not World War I but World War II planes, and I went up in this open cockpit plane, and did all the loops and everything, and it was a blast. So I thought, eWell, I have the time, I might as well get my license', so I went every day and I got it. It was a blast. One of my favorite actors is Steve McQueen, and he did a number of war films, and one in particular The War Lover he plays a pilot, and you just watch him in and around the plane, and it's so natural and detailed, because he was a real pilot, and so...

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