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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Jon Heder HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Just Like Heaven"  photo
School for Scoundrels
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Sep 15, 2006
Jon Heder - School for Scoundrels

Q1: Jacinda just told us about you and Billy Bob doing the tater tots and fried potatoes number.
JH: She wasn't there, was she? Oh yeah, she was. She came in late. She was like, "Do it again." I was like, "Sorry."
Q: Was it filmed?
JH: No. But we said we wanted to. We joked... We still talk about it would be great to shoot a little short film. So, you guys get the resources together.....

Q2: Is it easy for you to play the loser?
JH: Yes it is because it's not being comedic; it's just acting like me. No, especially this character was fun. It was kind of more like I looked at it as like, "Okay, here's my chance to kind of play more of the natural me, kind of the straight guy." But I was reminded yesterday when I saw the film for the first time that he really is a pathetic, sad person at the beginning. I forgot about that, so I'm not that sad and pathetic in real life. But yeah, a lot of Roger is kind of how I was in high school. I had no con...

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